Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thread Storage

The topic in the organization series in the Learning Center at Quilter's Gallery this week is thread storage.  Quilters have been sharing ways of organizing all the threads we have in our sewing rooms.   So I'd thought I'd share some pictures of my thread storage.  Terry (my DH) and I love to go antiquing and we are always on the hunt for country store display items and vintage sewing items.  I keep most of my embroidery threads and the slimmer spools in this old spool cabinet.  I love the glass drawer fronts.  The top drawers hold my silk ribbons.

The next photo shows another cabinet that I am in the process of organizing my DMC and Cosmo embroidery threads in.  I am using small ziplock bags and placing them in numerical order in the drawers.  I can choose specific  threads for a project and just add the bags to a small thread binder to keep with the embroidery project.  I just need to take the time to finish this....The display item on top of the spool cabinet is one of our latest finds...A safety pin display...Just haven't thought of a use for it yet...Any ideas?

Another old spool cabinet and a printer's drawer holds various sewing and quilting threads.  Other threads are kept in plastic drawers, tins, baskets, etc.  Make sure you check out the Quilter's Gallery for some great  storage ideas.

I'll be joining their Blog Hop Party so check back soon for more details...My first giveaway!!!!

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