Thursday, January 31, 2013

My favorite Schnibble and January sewing

The end of the month has quickly come.  Just seems like we were ringing in the new year and now we are just a few days away from seeing if the groundhog predicts more winter. Our winter has been crazy here in NC.   Record breaking warmth followed by ice storms then back to temps in 70s...tornado watches.  It has been great to get back to some sewing and quilting following the holidays.  New BOMs and sew alongs, going through WIPs, starting new ones...I love January.  It always brings new projects!  (And new excitement with old ones)   This month Sinta and Sherri wanted us to show our favorite Schnibble.  Boy, that is hard.  First, I'll show my favorite one from last year, which was the first year I participated in the "parades".  I had to choose Hubble as my favorite quilt.

The pattern that really caught my eye when I saw it was Paganini.  I was doing the FQS mystery with the 12 days of Christmas line and thought I wanted to make a little quilt to coordinate with the larger one.  So I ordered a couple of charm packs and the pattern, but never made the quilt.   My blocks are done for the mystery quilt but have not been sewn together.  I thought this would be a perfect time to make the schnibble quilt.  (I really plan to finish the mystery quilt soon!).  I will probably add a little more detail to the borders when I finish the other quilt.  I haven't decided how I will finish it, but I want to use a consistent design on both. 

Tomorrow's parade should be fun.  Can't wait to see everyone's favorites.  


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We had a Pinterest Christmas

Did you?  This year, well technically last year, our family decided we would cut back a little on our Christmas presents.  Seems like every year, we spend more and more on gifts.  We ended up deciding to draw names...we drew twice so each person would have 2 gifts to larger $$$ and one smaller.  For about 6 years now, we have been renting a cabin at Pigeon Forge for Thanksgiving.  Great family time and fun Black Friday Shopping!!   One night, we were back at the cabin sitting by the fire, and we all  (well, the girls) had our laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc on looking at Pinterest...I had the idea of everyone making a small gift inspired by something we found on Pinterest and swap in Dirty Santa.   It was so much fun...We will do it again next year too...I wanted all the gifts!

Carter thought Woody and Buzz needed to be included.  Sons made the sign, wine cork trivets, and framed black and white photos.   Terry made the chalkboard globe.  We found this small one at an antique mall.  I made one earlier in the summer and love mine...Carter painted the picture frame with a picture of he and Callaway.  Of course, Grandma got this one and dared anyone to take it!  One DIL made the memo board and the other one made a gift bag with our favorite dip ingredients and a bowl.  She had made brownies from a recipe she found, but wasn't happy with them...We ate them for supper, and I didn't see anything wrong with them!

I made the wreath using my boys old toys and some of my mom's Christmas ornaments,   She was so special to them.  I think each one of them had the wreath at some point in the game.   I'll make another one for the other two.   I love the photo of Callaway.  My son took it the night we did a "walk" through Tanglewood's Festival of Lights.  Think I need to drop another hint that I want one too!  


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BOM Rehab 2013

Better late than never!   Computer, yahoo, or blogger issues have been resolved so hopefully I can show my progress tonight.   With all the new BOMs creeping into my sewing room, I may need additional rehab!   One of the new BOMs that caught my eye was the sampler from Country Threads.  This surprised me because I generally don't like most sampler quilts, but I liked the variation in thesize of the blocks and the layout.   This was one that I knew I could make completely from my stash.   For a long time, I have wanted to make a neutral quilt using various shades of are my first 2 blocks.....

 The print in the large star has just a touch of blue.  I plan to use this as a focus fabric throughout the quilt.  I don't know how many years this fabric has been waiting for the right project. 

I also finished the 12 inch ribbon block for my Gingerbread Joy quilt.  A couple more units to go on the 6 inch one.  Hope you don't get tired of looking at these blocks.  One of my goals is to finish this quilt this
 year.  I'm at the point where this one could easily get pushed to the side.  May need some cheerleading to keep on track!

I would love to have a quilt made with these blocks!

Join Sinta's Rehab if you think you may need extra motivation to finish all your  new 2013 BOMs. Maybe I'll see you there next week!

Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Year

Over two months have passed since I have blogged.  Whirlwind of the holidays plus a cold, bronchitis and flu really did a number on me!   This week has been the first week I have even ventured to blogland.  Just in time for all the new projects, sew-alongs, challenges, BOMs, etc.....So many I want to join in on.  I spent the majority of New Year's Day in my sewing room cleaning, sorting, inventorying projects, and actually sewing a little.   Boy, it was much needed therapy. 

I do want to back up and thank my Santa Sack Swap partner for being such a great Santa.  Sharon of Vrooman's Quilts was my partner in this fun swap organized by Cheryll of Gone Stichin   My little grandson couldn't wait to "Opening Day".  He had such a good time all year watching the bag fill with presents.   Of course I waited til he got home from preschool to open them!  

Here's all the goodies from the sack.  Carter carefully placed them for the photo.  I had wrapped one for him and is little sister to open too.  

 You can see Santa did a great job in loading his sack.  Thanks so much Sharon.  

Hopefully, this will post.  I have spent most of the night on this....issues with blogger on adding pics.....downloading Moxilla.....fighting with cookies.... Crossing my fingers as I click Publish!!!