Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hubble Hubble Toil and Trubble

Well Blogger published my title minus the text and photos and now it has disappearred!  So I will start all over.  I chose Carrie's pattern Hubble for my October Schnibbles project.  After considering several fabric options, I decided on a black and white combination.   Many many many years ago, I cut out a magazine page featuring a bedroom decorated for Halloween.   Twin beds were covered in black and white quilts and the room was decorated with orange accents.   Thought it was  about time to use that inspiration.  I used more of a creamy white than a pure white.   I played with the borders and added some applique.  I wanted a quilt I could use through Thanksgiving...not just Halloween.  My first thought was to have some pumpkins on the bottom and an Autumn or Harvest Blessing at the top, but I decided I would need something on the sides as there was a lot of "white" areas.  I thought some sunflowers would grow fine there!  Anyway...this is what I ended up with.  The pictures are not great.  It has been SO WINDY from Sandy that I couldn't get a good outside shot.  I took a few quick ones today.

Carter, my 4 y/o GS, drew one of the pumpkins.   I had him write his name on it and then I embroidered it.  My sweet hubby wanted to know if this was a squirrel or our cat.  Guess it could be either one!
After I appliqued the mouse, it looked like a little Sunbonnet Sue with a tail!!!
Hope everyone is having a fun and safe Halloween.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Applique Thursday 10/11/12

How about that date!  I think I need to call it applique design Thursday.  I am designing a fall border to go on a top I just finished.   I want to have sunflowers on the sides, various pumpkins on the bottom and some autumn "wording" on top.  I have spent most of the day drawing, cutting, and positioning...I think the sunflowers will be the most challenging.   I finally found a placement  I like and I have one side ready to applique....hopefully tomorrow! 

I'm using the ribbon for my bias stem placements.    I recently finished another couple of blocks to my Gingerbread Joy BOM. 
How about some eye candy.  Recently signed up for this BOM.  I just can't resist Christmas Quilts!

Picture from  Ladybug Hill Quilts

 Linking to Applique Thursday..... Check it out! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Rehab Session

This weekend we took probably our last long beach weekend of the season, and the weather was perfect...Did a little fishing....golfing for the guys... shopping for the girls....And a great weekend to watch football and baseball...(if we don't count the Braves game!)  Anyway a great weekend with friends.  So this session of rehab was spent on applique and embroidered projects.  I almost completed another block of Gingerbread Joy and worked on some of the wording sashing strips.  We left Sunset Beach around lunch time in temps in the 80s.  By the time we got home Sunday night (made several stops at antique malls) we were in the low 50s.  Hello Fall!  Definitely quilting season and soup season.  What a great combination!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BOM Rehab

I was able to finish a couple more blocks for my Gingerbread Joy BOM....a 12 and 6 inch Oregon Star.  When this quilt is finished, it will be a long time before I make 6 inch blocks again!!  Make sure you go to Sinta's blog to see who else spent some time in Rehab.  I sure hope she continues this next year....I've already signed up for 2 more new programs! 

The rest of the weekend was spent working on some non sewing projects around the house.  I'll share some pictures when they are completed...On Friday, we went to the Antique Show at Liberty.  I was able to find a couple of things there.   There was more quilts at this show than I remember in times past.  Several that really caught my eye but I resisted!   I'm glad we went on Friday as we had a beautiful day.  Drenching rains came on Saturday.  The "pickers" from the PBS show, Market Warriors, were coming to tape an episode on Saturday.  I'm sure they got soaked.  Can't wait to see the episode and what they purchased.  Here is one of our finds.   My husband collects anything pertaining to Gulf Oil.  We saw this big grease can...not in great condition but perfect for a fall arrangement. 

I'll be showing some of my fall quilts over the next few days.  Above is a little candle mat I made years ago.