Thursday, March 8, 2012

Applique Thursday

I've been linking to A Quilting Reader's Garden Applique Thursday for a few weeks now.  I hate showing a project with only a few more pieces added from the last post, but here goes anyway....The houses are done.  Just need to add the embellishments and embroidery.   Santa's bag is hovering overhead waiting for the sleigh and reindeer! 
Since spring is right around the corner, thought I'd share an older appliqued quilt I made.  Blue and yellow have always been a favorite color combination of mine and I love the controlled scrappiness of it too!

Sorry about the photos....having a little problem with Blogger tonight!  Check out more applique inspiration here!


  1. I don't mind seeing your progress on the same block. Every little addition is something to be proud of. I also love blue and yellow together. In fact, I am designing a blue and yellow dresden basket quilt right now. Thanks for sharing at applique Thursday on A Quilting Reader's Garden Peggy

  2. Like Peggy, I like to see the progress on a block - it like watching flowers opening or a sunrise - like I didn't expect a sleigh in this one. I'm all admiration for your Teri Christopherson blue and yellow quilt. It's on my to do list - I love the border she put on it! Thank you for linking to Applique Thursday - I so enjoy the eye candy.