Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We had a Pinterest Christmas

Did you?  This year, well technically last year, our family decided we would cut back a little on our Christmas presents.  Seems like every year, we spend more and more on gifts.  We ended up deciding to draw names...we drew twice so each person would have 2 gifts to larger $$$ and one smaller.  For about 6 years now, we have been renting a cabin at Pigeon Forge for Thanksgiving.  Great family time and fun Black Friday Shopping!!   One night, we were back at the cabin sitting by the fire, and we all  (well, the girls) had our laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc on looking at Pinterest...I had the idea of everyone making a small gift inspired by something we found on Pinterest and swap in Dirty Santa.   It was so much fun...We will do it again next year too...I wanted all the gifts!

Carter thought Woody and Buzz needed to be included.  Sons made the sign, wine cork trivets, and framed black and white photos.   Terry made the chalkboard globe.  We found this small one at an antique mall.  I made one earlier in the summer and love mine...Carter painted the picture frame with a picture of he and Callaway.  Of course, Grandma got this one and dared anyone to take it!  One DIL made the memo board and the other one made a gift bag with our favorite dip ingredients and a bowl.  She had made brownies from a recipe she found, but wasn't happy with them...We ate them for supper, and I didn't see anything wrong with them!

I made the wreath using my boys old toys and some of my mom's Christmas ornaments,   She was so special to them.  I think each one of them had the wreath at some point in the game.   I'll make another one for the other two.   I love the photo of Callaway.  My son took it the night we did a "walk" through Tanglewood's Festival of Lights.  Think I need to drop another hint that I want one too!  


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  1. I am sure you would have all kinds of ideas from pinterest. sounds like fun.