Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Year

Over two months have passed since I have blogged.  Whirlwind of the holidays plus a cold, bronchitis and flu really did a number on me!   This week has been the first week I have even ventured to blogland.  Just in time for all the new projects, sew-alongs, challenges, BOMs, etc.....So many I want to join in on.  I spent the majority of New Year's Day in my sewing room cleaning, sorting, inventorying projects, and actually sewing a little.   Boy, it was much needed therapy. 

I do want to back up and thank my Santa Sack Swap partner for being such a great Santa.  Sharon of Vrooman's Quilts was my partner in this fun swap organized by Cheryll of Gone Stichin   My little grandson couldn't wait to "Opening Day".  He had such a good time all year watching the bag fill with presents.   Of course I waited til he got home from preschool to open them!  

Here's all the goodies from the sack.  Carter carefully placed them for the photo.  I had wrapped one for him and is little sister to open too.  

 You can see Santa did a great job in loading his sack.  Thanks so much Sharon.  

Hopefully, this will post.  I have spent most of the night on this....issues with blogger on adding pics.....downloading Moxilla.....fighting with cookies.... Crossing my fingers as I click Publish!!!


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  1. I wondered what happened to you! I am glad to see that you are back and that your holiday was special, with wonderful things from your blogville friends! I was really hoping to see lots of posts... since it seemed to be "your time of year"!