Monday, October 8, 2012

Rehab Session

This weekend we took probably our last long beach weekend of the season, and the weather was perfect...Did a little fishing....golfing for the guys... shopping for the girls....And a great weekend to watch football and baseball...(if we don't count the Braves game!)  Anyway a great weekend with friends.  So this session of rehab was spent on applique and embroidered projects.  I almost completed another block of Gingerbread Joy and worked on some of the wording sashing strips.  We left Sunset Beach around lunch time in temps in the 80s.  By the time we got home Sunday night (made several stops at antique malls) we were in the low 50s.  Hello Fall!  Definitely quilting season and soup season.  What a great combination!



  1. I am making a quilt that is all gingerbread men each block kinda seasonal your block gave me a perfect inspiration for the center block your block is so cute.Is the gingerbread joy something you are doing indepedently or part of something else QAL etc?Thank-you for sharing.Becky

  2. I love your little Gingerbread house - isn't the rehab inspiring? it's really helped me to get my quilt finished.