Thursday, October 11, 2012

Applique Thursday 10/11/12

How about that date!  I think I need to call it applique design Thursday.  I am designing a fall border to go on a top I just finished.   I want to have sunflowers on the sides, various pumpkins on the bottom and some autumn "wording" on top.  I have spent most of the day drawing, cutting, and positioning...I think the sunflowers will be the most challenging.   I finally found a placement  I like and I have one side ready to applique....hopefully tomorrow! 

I'm using the ribbon for my bias stem placements.    I recently finished another couple of blocks to my Gingerbread Joy BOM. 
How about some eye candy.  Recently signed up for this BOM.  I just can't resist Christmas Quilts!

Picture from  Ladybug Hill Quilts

 Linking to Applique Thursday..... Check it out! 

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