Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sewing Weekend

 For the first time in a LONG time I spent a majority of my weekend sewing.  Just what I needed too!  Terry played in a volleyball tournament Saturday so I retreated to my sewing room.   Of course there was a lot of laundry staring at me, but I managed to do both.   Before I show you what I worked on, I have to share this.  I had a wonderful surprise last weekend from the mailman.  Actually he just delivered it!  I was one of the winners from the Schnibbles parade last month.  I knew I won a layer cake from Carrie, but I got the whole bakery!   Plus a sweet note from Carrie and Rosie....

The Easter Bunny couldn't compete with these goodies

Can't wait to use those Blueberry Crumb layer cakes.  Will definitely use one of Carrie's great patterns for these.  In all those charms are two from the Kansas Troubles new holiday line....Holiday Medley...Love these....Can't ever go wrong with Christmas fabric!!!

A great online group, The New Quilting Club, made a shout out for some healing heart blocks.  We make quilts for people who are going through a tough time.  I made three of these blocks Saturday...

I also finished my April Schnibbles top,  Summer Day.  Maybe I'll have it quilted for the parade!

I have been working for a while off and on stitching blocks for Holiday Redwork.   The blocks are all done and I started putting the quilt together.  Going to love this one, too!  Here's a completed section.

The pattern is from The Stitch Connection by Lynda Howell.  I ordered it a few years ago from Erica's.  They also have the designs for machine embroidery if you aren't a hand stitcher.  You can see the finished quilt here.   I enjoyed sewing on this quilt.  Cutting each block and strips and sewing as I go.  Trying to pick the right fabrics for each strip...I have never been one who cuts an entire quilt out before sewing.  I prefer to cut a while and sew a bit.  How about you?  Do you cut as you go or cut an entire quilt before sewing?   I'll show a few more blocks tomorrow for the BOM Rehab!

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