Wednesday, September 5, 2012

And the Winner Is.........

.................Apple Blossom!   A winner was selected with the help of!   I've sent you an email and as soon as I get your address this great layer cake will be on it's way to you!  Congratulations!
In addition to meeting new bloggers, getting quilty inspirations, and just having a good time, there was an important discovery during this Back to School Party.   The cause of "Global Warming" has been solved.   Too many trees were sacrificed to provide the paper needed for everyone to write lines for all the mischief that occurred in school!   I love how some adapted by taping 2 or more pencils together...( I never thought of that)  The best was the commenter who had pre-written her sentences at home and had them ready for the teacher as soon as the punishment was announced.   That would not have worked with one of my teachers, he would just randomly open the dictionary and we would have to copy a few pages.   All the comments brought back so many memories of school and classmates.  Hope I didn't stir up any bad memories.  Some of the "nun" stories and "ruler" stories were kind of scary!   How we made it through school without years of therapy is amazing...Maybe that's why we started quilting... Just want to thank Michele for hosting another great bloghop!

I had to smile last weekend when we were at an antique mall and I spotted a paddle!   Looked like it was from the 50-60s.  The fun part about it was that it had Dick and Jane characters painted on it.  Really cute.   I wonder if it was a giveaway from the publishers to the schools.  I wanted to buy it to display with some fabric, but it was a little pricey. 

Thanks to everyone who visited during the party.  I have briefly viewed your blogs when reading your comments, but will go back and take a better look over the next few weeks.  

Happy Fall!


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