Friday, August 31, 2012


I tried to find a photo of the dimestore in our county, Rintz's 5 &10, in Mocksville.  We seldom shopped there.  Instead of going to Mocksville for our shopping trips, we would head to the "big city" of Winston-Salem and that was only once or maybe twice a month.  Not really a dimestore but this is where we shopped:

F.W. Woolworth's
This Woolworth's store was in downtown Winston-Salem.  My dad worked at Modern Chevrolet and we would park there and walk several blocks (seemed like a lot more back then) to all the department stores and Woolworth's.  We would never think about parking in a paid lot.  Well maybe I did, but my mom didn't.  This picture was taken during the Christmas parade in 1960, which opened the Christmas shopping season, and we would go to Woolworth's after the parade.  This wasn't the day after Thanksgiving either.  More like the second Saturday before Christmas. 
When I was deciding on the fabrics I wanted to use for my Dimestore quilt, none of the charm packs I had on hand seemed to be what I wanted for this pattern.  I decided to just use from my stash and scraps.  Didn't take long before I decided on reds and creams.  Seems like that combination comes up a lot in my fabric selections!   While I was pulling fabrics, I found some baseball fabric. (Light bulb goes off here!)   I decided to make something I could use as a table topper with a baseball theme.  Even though football season is beginning, baseball is so exciting this time of year with division races, play-offs, and of course the World Series.  My Dimestore quilt has become a baseball celebration quilt.  So why not make it in honor of Chipper Jones'  last season with my Atlanta Braves.  I hate to admit that I teared up the other night while watching their game at San Diego.  Think it was the 8th inning, and the announcer said something like...This may be his last bat in San Diego.  Their fans gave him a standing ovation.  He stepped out of the box and tipped his hat to the crowd.  He got a hit, but the Braves lost the game.  So here is.......
Hats Off to Chipper
Can't wait to see the other versions of Dimestore during the parade tomorrow!


  1. I love your post Debbie! And your Dimestore quilt is beautiful! I love the way you placed the lighter background fabrics!

  2. I just stopped by to let you know how much I LOVE your version of Dimestore! I agree, you can't go wrong with red and cream, but how you used your background fabric, the placement, very clever! What a wonderful tribute to baseball, and Chipper Jones!

  3. What a great story with your Dimestore! I love it when there is a story behind a quilt. We are from NC so I've been through Winston Salem many times. Nice post and beautiful quilt :-)