Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1904 World's Fair

No, I wasn't there, but I do have a picture to show!  Francis Gimpp of Wright City, Missouri made this double irish chain quilt and won first prize at the fair.

photo from Nebraska History Museum
Each year our church sponsors a Festival of Tables as a fellowship/fundraiser event.  A few years ago, the theme of the banquet was In the Year of.... The decorated tables each reflected a specific year.  Terry (my DH) and I chose the theme of Meet Me in St. Louis....The 1904 World's Fair.  While researching the fair, I found this quilt.  What a perfect table cover!  What a perfect reason to start a new quilt!  In record time, I duplicated this quilt....Thanks to Ms Gimpp for the inspiration.  I had been quilting for years (decades) and never made an irsh chain quilt. Here's my sideways quilt!

And here is my table from the banquet.  In the center of the table is The Observation Wheel that appeared at the fair.  Surrounding it are goblets of cotton candy and other items introduced at the fair. A vintage stereoscope viewer on the table provided images from the exposition.  Guests viewed the photos while sipping on iced tea or Dr. Pepper.  For dessert,  my guests were treated with waffle ice cream cones.  Another invention at the fair.   Wouldn't you have loved to stroll through the fair?   And be treated with your first hot dog and hamburger.   Every quilt has a story and I love listening to and remembering this one!

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