Thursday, May 17, 2012

Applique Thursday

This week I started another block for my Night Before Christmas quilt.  It is hard to tell much from the photo with so little added to the block, but this is another rooftop scene.  I love to see these blocks come to life...And since it's Thursday, I''m linking with Applique Thursday.  Head on over and check out all the beautiful applique everyone is working one.

Are you planning on a sewing night tomorrow?  Join Friday Night Sew-In  and we will all sew together.   I have been trying to decide  what to work on.  There is a big project I NEED to work on, but several I WANT to work on.  I wonder which little voice I will listen too!



  1. I like these and look forward to seeing this one develop. A great series, Debbie!

  2. That's going to be so cute! I am linking in to FNSI, too!